Height: 9296147 ✴ Transactions: 134798 ✴ Difficulty: 53572 ✴ Hashrate: 2.68 KH/s ✴ Reward: 0.01 ✴Supply: 2683643 ✴Emission: 26.84%
TradeOGRE 0.00% ↓ 0.00000051 = ₿ 0.0000 ✴ ✴

2018-09-23 @ 22:57 by Zhe

Explorer was updated

New version of blockchain Explorer was just released.

Enhanced site engine allows instant publucations and have multilingual support.

Main Soldo website will be upgraded to the new engine as soon as we can.

You can have markets overview since now also.

2018-09-16 @ 22:00 by Zhe

A brief clarification of the current situation with Soldo

Soldofons Clan bought a sufficient number of coins on the market to realize all of the internal projects conceived.

After that, we went out from the market and do not exert influence on trading.

The market did not appreciate the coin.

The rate of the Soldo did not reach to the level necessary for the hire of specialists.

So all the planned works on the coin are frozen, accordingly.

That is, there is no possibility to hire developers for loot.

Despite this, some of the planned services will be implemented, however but only by in-house efforts.

Not in the priority, as we would like, not with the previously announced speed naturally, but the process is on.

So do not wait for a rocket to the moon, but it's too early for Soldo to die.

2018-09-06 @ 12:00 by Zhe

Soldo wallets are frozen at Crex24

Crex24 Exchange locked Soldo wallets for deposits and for withdrawals.

Exchange representative told us they lost 348.614 SLD (0.6 BTC) due to 51% attack.

2018-06-20 @ 19:00 by Zhe

Argon is nearby

We are testing the probability of switching PoW to a new algo - ARGON2.

2018-05-26 @ 23:00 by Zhe

Soldo Mobile/Light Wallet for Telegram

Soldo Wallet Bot for Telegram messenger was made and run by independent development team.

You can find this service there.

Details about new bot you can discuss at the BT topic there.

You must understand the fact this service have no relations to any Soldo development teams.

2018-05-09 @ 00:15 by Zhe

NXBoost exchange listing

New exchange listing - NXBoost offer SLD-BTC market.


NXBoost was renamed to BitStorage, market link changed accordingly.

2018-04-30 @ 18:00 by Zhe

Listing at Altex Exchange

Altex offer BTC market and XMR market now.

2018-04-25 @ 12:00 by Zhe

Listing at TradeOgre Exchange

TradeOgre offer BTC marketsince this morning.

2018-04-09 @ 18:00 by Zhe

Soldo was added to Livecoinwatch ranker.

Get details at Livecoinwatch website.

2018-04-02 @ 23:00 by Zhe

Public Node mode

Soldo daemon can be started in Public Node mode now.

2018-04-02 @ 19:00 by Zhe

Legacy keys restoring

You can restore a wallet from a legacy key since now using CLI wallet.

2018-03-26 @ 14:00 by Zhe

Soldo was added to CoinCodex ranker

Get details at CoinCodex website.

2018-03-01 @ 00:00 by Zhe

Blockchain Explorer updates

Guys, we just updated our Blockchain Explorer.

Improvements are very small but visibly.

We can see exchanges digests at the status area of explorer.

2018-02-27 @ 00:00 by Zhe

Windows GUI Wallet Beta

Guys, Soldo Windows GUI Wallet Beta have been released this night.

This release is still Beta version and have some minor issues but can be used for real everyday coin transfers without any hesitancies.

Some guys tell me they don’t like color palette - we can arrange personal theme for a very modest fee :)

Linux version still not ready and in the early prototype stage.

You can download this long-awaited application folow the link below.


2018-02-18 @ 00:00 by Zhe

CoinLib rating added Soldo

Guys, Soldo was added to CoinLib rating site.

CoinLib.io is a new platform that offers live and historic cryptocurrency prices, charts, cryptocoin rankings and customizable portfolios.

The site’s features include price alerts and news plus several progressive features ? a way to track all of your cryptos in one place.

Soldo started from rank 2050 20-FEB-2018.

So we will see our progress in a monthly basis.


2018-02-15 @ 00:00 by Zhe

Exchange listing at BTC-Alpha

Guys, I want to introduce another exchange now - BTC-Alpha.

So we have Soldo listed at two exchanges already.

BTC-Alpha is listed at CoinMaketCap rating and have daily trade volumes about 4-7M EUR.

Yesterday I tried deposits and withdrawals - in most cases coins reached exchange in 4-8 minutes.

Many community members already opened account there.

Join trades using our link https://btc-alpha.com/?r=24035 and we will count you in our stats as well.

Soldo trade could be found by link below - https://btc-alpha.com/exchange/SLD_BTC/

2018-02-14 @ 00:00 by Zhe

First Exchange listing at CREX24

Guys, we just have been listed at first exchange.

This exchange is new and small, it still has low daily trading volumes but I like it very much.

It actively growing adding 5-7 new coins weekly.

It has great responsive support.

It has all coins necessary for succesful trading.

It ever has NIGHT THEME!!!

Coins should reach exchange within 3-5 as test transfers show.

Transfers implemented using wallet address only, you don’t need to provide PaymentID and no reasons to incorrect transfers.

So I invite all of community guys to trade Soldo at Crex24 exchange most of the time.


2018-02-10 @ 00:00 by Zhe

Code fork at block 377777

Hi guys,

low difficulty attack problem was solved.

Attack mitigated and terminated within 12 hours.

Code fork @ block #377777 to prevent this type of attacks in the future was implemented successfully.

Time synchronization is strictly required to succesful mining now.

Network can tolerate 5 minutes delta only since block #377777.

If you see follow errors at your daemon/log - Timestamp of block with id: <***>, 1518738009, bigger than adjusted time… - sync the time please.

2018-01-15 @ 00:00 by Zhe

Blockchain Explorer Update

Hi guys, glad to inform you we just updated our Basic Blockchain Explorer along with Daemon application. We have found some minor errors in RpcServer code module while coding Blockchain Explorer and fixed most important of them.

Have to admit this errors still exists in Bytecoin as well as Forknote code and most of their forks.

You can check all necessary blockchain data including block and transaction details using our explorer site, no need to use third party software anymore.

Standalone Blockchain Explorer app for windows is scheduled to release in 3 months.

2017-12-15 @ 00:00 by Zhe

Heavy blocks tested

Have a look at block 116325 with 75a27a83b9d0172b28d9ae854cc39ddf81a209409092eddbdc1c10e861a81fcb.

Second transaction in this block is very special.

This transaction have 7195 inputs and 10 outputs. Total size of transaction is 1.233.508 = 1.17MB.

So we have practical confirmation Soldo network is capable to transfer very heavy blocks now.

Transaction details you can find follow the link below:


2017-09-22 @ 00:00 by Zhe

Soldo Roadmap

Soldo roadmap till the end of 2018



Post-launch fixes

Full key management

Recovery seed

Code change for public nodes

Paper wallet for cold storage

Transaction comments

Blockchain Explorer

Fusion transactions

Code refactoring



Basic website

Public node

Blockchain Explorer

Wiki or other knowledge center

Site translation

Payment gateway implementation

Exchange listing


GUI Wallet

Colorful website

2017-09-01 @ 00:00 by Zhe

Soldo Mission


Soldo is a new experimental coin based on the modified Cryptonote PoW algorithm called SoftCrypton.

Soldo was designed as a light alternative to current Cryptonote-based coins. It should be mineable even with low-end PCs, including phones and tablets. Blockchain size and network load plan to stay at reasonable level as well. Transfer’s tiny flat fee is another key point of Soldo for everyday use.

Developers are planning to release all features required for flawless everyday use. Each Cryptonote-based coin has its weak and storng points. Soldo will borrow the strongest ideas from the most popular coins and combine all of them in the single coin.

Core developers will be available for contacts and will accept any useful code updates at Github base.


Soldo borrow the name of an Italian medieval silver coin, issued for the first time in the late 12th century at Milan by Emperor Henry VI.

It quickly became widespread in Italy where it was coined in Genoa, Bologna, and numerous other cities. In Venice, the soldo was minted from the reign of Francesco Dandolo onward, remaining in use until 1862.